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You are a Virgo if you were born between August 22nd through September 23rd. In a few words, a Virgo personality is more or less a perfectionist. The Virgo zodiac traits shows you are very independent people. They like to do things on their own so that they are sure that they are doing it right. They can over-analyze things sometimes, which ties in with their perfectionist nature.

The need to be precise in everything that they do can cause the Virgin to become stressed out easily. The Virgo men and women make great friends as they are reliable people and will do their best to help as often as they can. Virgo often get involved in many projects at school, work, or within their communities. Virgo personality traits show they like to be busy as to be admired for their work.

They have no problems with being the leader and helping others with their tasks.

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Although, a Virgo could be upset if they are being needed too often and when this causes them to not have enough me time. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Virgo characteristics show they are natural problem-solvers.

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A Virgo will rarely let their feelings get in the way if they need to figure out something important. About Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Support Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Your cart. Close Cart. Download Printable Zodiac Cheat Sheets A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers.

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Shannon Sep 26, This is spot on! But this description is so perfect! Leafy Jul 23, Lisa Jul 23, My ex was a Virgo we met at work great worker but not a good leader. Very hypocritical. Plays lots of games not straight forward.

It could save heartache and time invested in the relationship. Stephanie Archuleta May 29, As for myself, i often wondered why i am so picky. Im blunt which sometimes is good but i tell it like it is most of the time. Which is probably why the husband tells me to be quiet alot. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Related Items. Sign Up for Free Tarot Classes Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

The Masters Of Sarcasm – The Virgos Are Here!!!

Sign up to our mailing list Subscribe. This website uses cookies to track our traffic and marketing efforts so that we may better serve you. The Sign of the Virgo is the sign of the ultimate mother, the kind, grounded, analytical compassionate and understanding soul. Virgo is the other sign which is represented by a human form, a virgin, whose innocence expands the world around us with their new perspective. In essence, the Virgo represents the Triple Goddess energies of the Maiden Virgin the Mother, nurturing and understanding and the Crone, all knowing and wise.

Virgo - Your Personality Traits -

If you were born under the sign of Virgo then you are the type of person who has an energy which is super focused as well as ordered. You are the mathematicians, the counselors, the computer geniuses. You have a way about you which is bordering on obsessive about certain elements in your life which are important to you. You have a somewhat restless and nervous way of being so you spend a lot of your time trying to settle that energy down and organizing it into something productive. With the sign of Virgo there is a consistent drive to perfect and to accomplish more and more.

You are an organized person and you spend your emotional life attempting to bring order to what you see as chaos all around you.

Others love to come to you for advice because you are able to see through emotional turmoil and focus on the heart of a problem thus making it possible to make productive changes. You are not judgmental person, primarily because you understand the need to solve the problems of life like a puzzle and that is more like a game to you. However you can be analytical of others when you find that their behavior has no real rhyme or reason.

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This bothers you significantly and you often feel as though others operate from an entirely different planet then you do which is sometimes bothersome to you. There is a benefit in life to being able to make quick decisions sometimes so try not to let your need for facts delay the big moments in your life. On the opposite end of the spectrum, make sure that you have lots of information when you make BIG decisions.

The qualities of a Virgo are feminine and mutable, run by the Earth with the ruling planet of Mercury which is why communication can be sometimes challenging for Virgos because they communicate in a different way than others, yet they are the ones who can help others the most when they are feeling stuck. The part of the body which is ruled by Virgo is the Nervous System as well as the intestines. They tend to be prone to sickness which is caused by nerves and stress as well as ulcers because they spend a lot of time weighing out the pros and cons of situations and worrying about what step to take next.

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