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Last year, Mars was in a sign of distant Saturn, Aquarius. As I said in the post mentioned above, Mars struggles with apathy. But he also struggles with caring too much in Cancer. This is no time to deny how you really feel about things. You must own your truths. You likely will need to stop doing one thing in order to start doing something that you do want.

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You must wisely discover where you must go. Mars is going to come out of this, and you can, too. Where to look symbolically is what having a chart and astrologers are for. Yet, one clue I can provide is when you imagine the gaping maw of a Dragon opening up and you moving toward it, what images and feelings surface for you? Pay attention to those. Knowing that is half the battle. How to read and use these affirmations. You might not know at the top of the week what you need to affirm. This happens because both the Sun and the Moon are located at the same altitude in the sky.

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Pin The dis-appointment is often followed by a return to the South Node. Ironically, it is at the South Node where sustenance and encouragement can be contained. It is a sphere of life that beckons and invites us into its experiences. Since the North Node is often the place where we may momentarily experience the transcendent and spiritual aspect of the self, its house position maps the place where these experiences might happen.

The North Node does not have a cumulative effect; in other words, experiences at this place are not sequential, but more arbitrary, and may seem to happen out of the blue.

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The random nature of the North Node may have more to do with its subjective nature and entanglement with the paradoxical world of spirit. Hence, the house position of the North Node could suggest the setting where the encounter with the spiritual self occurs. The South Node in the opposite house may describe a familiar place, an area of safety, and a comfort zone which supplies an anchor. However, it is also a place where we can become fixed, caught in the safety zone of our complacency.

Therefore, it suggests an area we must leave in order to develop and explore our pathway. So, another metaphor we could use to define the nodal axis is that it is similar to a tram line: The North Node is the destination, the station where the tram is headed, while the South Node is like the departure point, the station where we embark. The nodal axis is like a track with its well-worn grooves near the South Node.

This southern pole of the axis is homeostatic; we instinctually return to stability at the South Node.

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It is the counterweight that prevents us from capsizing, the ballast on our life journey. Therefore, the nodal axis can feel like a game of snakes and ladders; once we have experienced the enlightenment of the North Node, we slide back to the familiarity of the South Node. Ketu is the tail of the dragon, the southern pole of the axis which is likened to the Moon and the past. It points to the Earth where it feels connected. At this node, we experience instinctive knowledge developed from our understanding of what went before.

The South Node is a point of release, and any planet conjunct this node seeks release in the service of the self. In its lower expression, it is overwhelmed by the past, since this is where we experience the pull of the Great Mother back into the womb. Yet, within this familial place are the souvenirs and endowments necessary to make our destiny a success. Like a tail, the South Node is an instinctual relic, often seen to be of little use but ironically brimming with wisdom.

Having been severed from the body, the tail holds what has been digested from the past. Yet, for it to be of any use, its contents must be disgorged, or they ferment and become toxic. By nature, Ketu is a riddle, as its contents are potentially helpful or toxic; it is up to the individual to become aware of the subtleties.

It takes a heroic act to dislodge the contents of the South Node and employ them in the service of the individuation process. No wonder the hero emerging from the belly of the dragon is a common motif in mythological narratives. While this motif is never mentioned in the extant literature, the vase painting clearly portrays the mythic analogy of disgorging the heroic contents of the South Node. Christian myth also continued the tradition with iconic representations of saintly Jonah emerging from the belly of the whale, symbolizing the completion of the heroic night journey.

Again, the imagery is reminiscent of the release of processed and integrated contents of the unconscious at the South Node. On the right is a Christian image of Jonah being released from the dragon-fish. To apply this symbolism in delineation, consider the mythic stratum of the South Node. As the container of the past, the innate talents, skills, and aptitudes it represents may be untapped and undifferentiated. Without consciousness, they remain stagnant, unable to be directed advantageously.

Hence, a heroic act needs to dislodge and distribute this energy so it can be of service. In circulating this energy, the potentiality of the North Node is heightened. As the energy is liberated, destiny is petitioned and vocation is more conscious; therefore, the South Node is a vital key to unlocking the treasure chest of untapped talents and potentialities.

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Hence, transits conjoining the South Node often synchronize with the uprooting and disentangling of past beliefs and images that no longer secure our passage. The South Node is an innate quality that needs to be disseminated and used freely in pursuit of our destiny. It is providence — inherited qualities from the past that can be used as resources for the future. These well-developed residues need to be dispersed and shared, or else they become entrapping.

The South Node can act as a dissemination point for what becomes conscious at the North Node. In a way, the South Node brings to mind the need to contribute this energy to the familial and social realms, the world at large. Since this energy is instinctual, it is not always consciously directed or purposefully used. Another way to think about the nodal axis is that it is an invitation to participate and cooperate in the life journey.

The North Node is where we must exert effort and where we engage in the repetitive task of becoming conscious of the self. Here is the symbol of opportunity to learn what needs to be developed and made conscious. For vocational purposes, we could view the North Node as what demands to be anchored and directed in the world.

Unlike the South Node, it is not instinctive and therefore needs to be recognized before it can be applied.

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The nodes regress through the signs, unlike the planets which sequentially move forward through the zodiac. The retrograde movement of the nodes against the zodiacal backdrop alerts us to a different orientation from that of the planets. At these points in the horoscope, the spiritual plane intersects the mundane sphere, and along this axis of the horoscope there is an aperture to spirit.

In another sense, the mundane world is energized by spirit. Hence, the nodal axis plays a major role in the destiny of each individual, one that is often difficult to articulate.

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Its retrograde movement is contrary to the developmental process of the planets. This suggests that the transits of the nodes coerce us into engaging with the sacred aspects of our personal experience by confronting us with the spiritual essence underpinning mundane events.

While our life experiences may conspire to split Heaven and Earth, it is along the nodal axis where the effort to couple the sacred with the mundane occurs.