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These volumes revealed the topics at the forefront of public curiosity, and they helped to generate in her readership a sense of her personality.

This curious journal did not last long. By the fourth volume, Ebertin declared that she was being stretched thin and had no time to keep up with this and her other publication commitments, so readers would be able to find her work in her yearly publication, Glimpse Ein Blick in die Zukunft.

In an autobiography, Reinhold Ebertin discusses his early separation from his mother and how she introduced him to astrology just before his legal emancipation. By , he had set up his own publishing house, Ebertin Verlag, in Erfurt. He and his mother did not appear to operate as rivals.

Mai roughly, The Two of Us from May 14 ,20 which contains no astrological charts. In this text, she presents the autobiography of an author, Carl Schmidt, who shared her birthday. His piece appears first, then a selection of images, and then her own autobiography, which has informed many of the details of this article. Her goal with this narrative approach was to convince the reader that the parallels between these two lives were unmistakable, and yet, because of the slight difference in their birth times, slight differences were to be found in their life stories as well.

It was another argument for the scientific approach to astrology. While she includes the specific astrological data of the two nativities with words, they are not depicted graphically, and she implores the reader to look them up for themselves later. This kind of cross-pollination happens throughout her oeuvre , where she constantly refers to her other works — a savvy move that ultimately helped her bottom line as a publisher by encouraging readers to buy those works. This time twin study, along with her almanacs, provides strong evidence of her ability to translate astrology into various genres and styles in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Elsbeth Ebertin - Germany's Forgotten Powerhouse Astrologer

This group tended to set itself apart from individuals, such as Ebertin, who did not have a higher degree but who practiced astrology professionally. Ebertin encountered the world of academic astrology, though not often. In February , Dr. When Ebertin wrote her time twin study, Wir Zwei vom Eitner by name.

Astrology & Romance by Elsbeth Ebertin

Her intention was to help everyone not just the academy to gain access to astrological knowledge, so her books adopted a tone that could be understood by more than just the most learned. The last year of her Blick in die Zukunft was From then until her death at age 64, she appears to have been engaged in private astrological research; however, with the full banning of astrological publication, her career was effectively over. In , an Allied bomb directly hit her home, killing her and destroying all of her property.

Her body was identifiable only by her shattered glasses and a ring given to her by the King of Bulgaria. In recounting the story of her death, he suggested that the bomb to her house destroyed significant amounts of irreplaceable astrological research. The patina of time now enlivens the texts that remain, and we may investigate them not only for what kinds of techniques she used or omitted, but also for the social tensions within and outside of the astrological community of her time, which she sought to answer with her writing.

Elsbeth Ebertin stands out as a vocal representative of the practice of astrology at a time when women were emerging into having major public roles in German culture. She spoke candidly to her readers, and often. And while she may not have penned theoretical tomes that furthered the art of astrology for the technique-obsessed among us living astrologers, she did serve her community and formed one of the cornerstones for the flourishing of interest in astrology during the golden s.

She is also outstanding for being a well-published female mundane astrologer, something that tends to be rare even today. Her contributions deserve attention in their own right. Her fervor for astrology provided a model for him, and two things appear to have allowed him to eclipse her: his technical innovations of astrological practice and the translation of his publications into English. In the final analysis, Elsbeth Ebertin may not have exercised direct influence over the development of new astrological techniques, but through her vast publication empire she served as a major agent for the popularization of astrology in early 20th-century German culture.

Linda Leaman and the late Sigrid Joel also deserve special mention for placing many invaluable primary source texts in my care. References and Notes: 1. In quotations that follow, all translations from the German are my own, unless otherwise stated. Paul Lorenz, Howe, Astrology , p. Irmgard Banks, Aalen: Ebertin Verlag, , p. Reinhold Ebertin, Das Schicksal , p. Ebertin and G. Hoffmann, Fixed Stars ; R.

Gerald D. Gedenkschrift zu seinem Todestag, Stuttgart: Rud. Ebertin, Das Schicksal , p. Ebertin, Das Schicksal , pp. See Note 2 above.

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Hubert Korsch, ed. Elsbeth Ebertin, Astrology and Romance , trans. Nelson, ASI Publishers, Ausgabe She has taught and lectured domestically and internationally in places such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Zahrt is a company director of the Sophia Centre Press and a founding publisher at Rubedo Press, and she is currently translating and publishing the works of Elsbeth Ebertin and other prominent astrologers from the Weimar period in Germany.

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Astrology and Romance

Other people can be attracted by your home-loving character. Your inborn disposition to educate and protect allows you to be a good parent and a supportive friend. In , she began to publish astrological pamphlets about the mundane astrology of World War I that focused on the royal figures directly related to the war effort.

They became immensely popular, quickly going out of print. This text includes an appendix where she recounts the story of her police encounter in In fact, it was this moment that enabled her to shape the discourses that took place as she rose in prominence. The story goes something like this: In mid , Ebertin actually knew that she would be brought in for questioning, and it happened a little later than she had predicted from her natal chart. At the time, Ebertin had been surprised that an astronomer would appear in her offices as a client.

She said that he told her he would have gotten into astrology himself, were it not for the risk to his reputation as a professor.

One thought on “8. Adolf Hitler’s Astrology”

By choosing to tell a story about this particular client, Ebertin revealed the status of astrology in German society and its learned circles.